Solar Panel Cleaners in the South of England

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solar panel cleaners in Basingstoke

Commercial Solar panel cleaners in Basingstoke

Are your solar panels under-performing? There’s a reason for that.

The damp British climate, air pollution, inclement weather, air-borne pollutants, traffic film, agricultural dust and more all means that layers of algae, lichen and general atmospheric detritus will settle and grow rapidly on exterior surfaces, especially so during the winter months. This layer of dirt along with a build-up of dust, grime and traffic film can combine to block a significant amount of sunlight from reaching your panels.

At Oakley Cleaning we are competent and experienced in cleaning solar panel installations; from small domestic set-ups to large commercial multi kilowatt arrays washing it clean away to allow the sunlight back in!

Cleaning solar panels shouldn’t “cost” in the long run – our clients tell us that increased output usually compensates for the cost of cleaning many times over! We view cleaning solar panels is an investment which has a proven track record in recouping any cost involved by ensuring increased electrical production.

As commercial solar panel cleaners and restorers we work regularly throughout the counties of Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and the whole of London.

Maintaining a commercial solar panel array to ensure it operates as effectively is possible means you will no doubt be interested in reaping the largest financial return from your installation – therefore seeing your return-on-investment as soon as possible.

As solar panel cleaners we can help you to achieve preciesly that.


Fair weather or foul, solar panels are exposed to the elements day in day out – 24/7 – 365 days of the year; this is why they are in need of a regular cleaning and maintenance regime. Solar panels are continually subject to a build up of air-borne dirt including tree, plant and grass pollen, pollutants, algae, dust, muck and other varying deposits that fall from the sky (and birds) on a daily basis. Over time these residues will add a substantial layer of grime, dust and dirt to the solar panel’s cover-glass.

It’s easy to imagine the effects that the British weather, climate and pollution can have on a solar panel array. Imagine a car parked permanently on the roadside – it doesn’t take a great deal of time before it is virtually impossible to be able to see through the car windows.

And it is the same with solar panels – it usually doesn’t long before the panels ability to produce electricity is markedly hampered.

Dirty solar panels can severely hinder your return-on-investment time. Clean solar panels means a quicker return on that investment. As an owner or manager of a solar panel array(s) you want more sunlight to hit the panel’s cells as this means better generation – which in turn means more money. Sooner.

At Oakley Cleaning we regularly clean solar panels on agricultural buildings (barn roofs), commercial (solar farms) and industrial installations (factory, office and other building roof-tops) as well residential locations.